Something new!

Something new has happend!

Sharing something personal

Today I have launched a new website!
This blog is about what went on before the launch.

An idea

A few months ago, I was attending an online meeting.
It was one of those meetings where you leave and think “hmmm – maybe I need to do something differently”.
Since I started Well Organisation nearly a year ago, I have learned that my job is not only being a coach and consultant, I am also an entrepreneur. I have a lot of ideas and I enjoy trying them out.
The idea that sparked me, after that online meeting, was that I really wanted to change my website. Somebody told me “when you launch your first website, do not strive for perfection, it is more important to get it out there” – I followed that advice and now it was time to change.

How did I go from idea to launching a new design?

Do the work

I got to work!

Not only reading books and attending courses but also asking people to coach me on this subject, admitting to myself “I need all the help and inspiration I can get”.
So, after conversations with my business mentor on how to develop my website. Conversations with another coach about stopping procrastinating and get it done. Friends who offered support. Hours and hours of work including learning new things. Everybody in the membership area who supported me and gave me feedback and ideas. And a family who never got tired of testing…

All this is has resulted in a new design for my website.

I experienced firsthand, that sometimes a coach needs coaching and coaching is a powerful tool in accomplishing a goal.

All there is left to say.....

I am grateful, proud, and excited!
I am full of hope that you will find this new website more informative and easier to use – if not let me know.
Thank you, to all of you who helped me in this process, one way or the other, I value your input and feel I am surrounded by amazing people.

By Jannie Stricker 12 May, 2021

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