The importance of finding your values!


During this past week, I have participated in a few professional development seminars. In all of them, the talk of personal values has been part of the talk or discussion. Inspired by these conversations, I decided to write a bit about values in today's blog.

What are Values

We hear about values at work, in our culture, from politicians, but what are values?
In short, values are the principles that act as your guide in your life. It is something that is important to you (Sagiv, Roccas, Cieciuch, & Schwartz, 2017).
Our values are something that we need to be aware of since they will help us form our beliefs and then we can act in accordance with our values.
For instance, someone finds it important to be creative. This person is convinced that creativity will help him/her to overcome difficult situations. The person uses creativity at work and is known for “thinking outside the box”.
Another person value freedom very much, as he/she thinks freedom will make people better at living their best lives. This person acts by making sure to have freedom by being in a good place financially and not overspend, so he/she can enjoy traveling, going out, and seeing people whenever he/she wants.

Thinks about this for a moment…

What if

What if the person who values creativity is told not to think outside the box at work. Or the person who values freedom is told by politicians – “we are in a pandemic; you need to stay at home”.
What will happen to him/her?
My guess is as good as yours, but from my own experience, when my values are not in balance or lost when fitting into the world around me – It has an impact on my mood.

All there is left to say.....

Knowing your values will help you in your life, this will help you act, speak and think. Research suggests that our emotions (both positive and negative emotions) are determined by our values (Tamir, Schwartz, Oishi, & Kim, 2017).
So, help yourself starting with understanding and finding your values.
My values are my guide and my compass in life, if the balance is right I feel great. If I am off-track I feel it and know I need to act. My values are are my compass making sure I stay on track and living my best life.


Sagiv, L., Roccas, S., Cieciuch, J., & Schwartz, S. H. (2017). Personal values in human life. Nature Human Behaviour1(9), 630–639. 
Tamir, M., Schwartz, S. H., Oishi, S., & Kim, M. Y. (2017). The secret to happiness: Feeling good or feeling right? Journal of Experimental Psychology: General146(10), 1448–1459.

By Jannie Stricker 29 May, 2021

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