Be empowered and get support in your journey towards reaching your goal!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a conversation between a coach and a person who wants to learn (often called a coachee or a client). The conversation is on equal grounds and the coach will not provide advise or dictate what to do.

At Well Organisation the coaching provided is in line with the science of positive psychology, which is about maximizing people’s potential, life satisfaction, finding meaning and purpose, building on our strengths and values to reach personal development and growth.

Coaching is a concept used, in business or for individuals, helping to achieve a goal. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, the coach is there to help by asking questions and give support.

What we believe coaching does best (using the words from Sir John Whitmore) is unlocking your potential, building on your strengths, and what is already working. 

As positive psychology coaches, we take your wellbeing very seriously. We consider life from the perspective that “we are all humans and there is a value in not being happy all the time – as this leaves us possibilities for personal growth and learning”

The aim of coaching is to support with changes or areas of professional or personal development identified and agreed upon in the sessions.


How does it work?

We provide coaching either face to face (depending on location) or online.

We offer a free pre-session (30 minutes), during this meeting/call you will meet your coach. During this meeting/call the coach will tell you about his/her methods and you will share your story. From there we decide how to move forward, agreeing to the practicalities of duration of coaching sessions and so on. 


Core Values and purpose