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Are you longing for thriving in life and work? Do you have goals you want to reach? Or do you want to feel empowered?

Better workplace

I will not "fix you" but support you in building on the strengths you already have.

Wellbeing at work

Are you an organisation, who needs a bit of inspiration to increase wellbeing?

New Perspective

Working with people who wants a new perspective is something I do.

I believe

I believe in people’s ability to grow and change, the value of lifelong learning, a better work environment and the link between performance and wellbeing.

Would you like to improve your wellbeing?

Let’s explore your possibilities for thriving in an individual coaching session


More wellbeing at work? Book an informal chat with me for more inspiration



Do you want to thrive in life and at work? Let’s have a conversation about it

About me


What My Clients Say?

The focus on strengths helped me to work out my own solutions to the problems I was raising in the coaching sessions
Pam, England
Team Leader
Jannie offered great support and perspective when I raised an issue. She has great listening skills and is very structured in her approach to the conversation. I felt safe.
Paul, Denmark
A result of the coaching sessions I had with Jannie was I learned a lot about myself, got my confidence back and achieved my ultimate goal.
Celine, Luxembourg
Stay at home mum gone to work

You deserve it

Need a new perspective?

I believe in people’s ability to grow and change

If you are longing for thriving in life and work, then get in touch with me

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Take the first step and book an informal chat with me


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