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Our Service

We spend a lot of our time at work, therefore the ideal scenario would be that we like coming to work and that we thrive in the working environment. Research has shown that a happy workforce fosters better performance. So how do we promote a better environment and what can the workplace do to foster a happy employee?

We are wellbeing consultants, with a root in positive psychology. We have constructed programs for the employer/workplace to increase wellbeing and performance at work.

Research shows that:

  • wellbeing at work decrease burn-out
  • coaching helps acheiving your goals
  • mindfulness helps to decrease stress
  • team building when working with the Myers-Briggs type indicator
  • working with strengths increase the understanding of different personalities at work and thereby create a better work environment

We offer a range of programs helping to create a better working environment in your workplace – let us know what your goal is then we will build something to accommodate your needs.

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Our Mission

Well Organisation is a Positive Psychology Coaching and Consultancy focusing on wellbeing at work. We help leaders developing through evidence-based coaching practices. We help employees reaching theire goals. Our work includes 1:1 coaching where the focus is on gaining insight, finding motivation, getting to know own strengths and how to use them.<BR>

We believe that coaching is an opportunity for growth and learning about oneself, finding out what is important, and how to reach own goals and potential.

Core Values and purpose