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New Year - New Plan

As we step into a new year, it’s the perfect time to evaluate the opportunities that lie ahead and make plans to seize them. Check out this blog post by Carmel Miller, Steve Thomas, and Jannie Stricker as we discuss this exciting topic.

Get ready to be inspired!

What is coaching and why do we need it?

I bumped into an old colleague at the supermarket last week, years had passed, and a lot had happened since we saw each other last, naturally we talked about “what are you doing now?”. I explained that I had retrained and earned an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology in 2020.

During our conversation, she asked me a few questions about coaching. This inspired me to write today’s post. People often ask me why we need coaching. So, what exactly is coaching?


Buzzwords are confusing for many people, which inspired me to write this blog. In my role of coach and consultant, I often encounter misunderstandings around buzzwords. 

Recently, I was asked by someone: “What I don’t understand is that we have identified our values in my company, and we communicate them, as well as we use our “value words” daily, but many people do not adhere to them, even though we speak so much about it.”. This question is the reason for today’s blog.


Imagine, a workplace where you have the time you need to do your job as a leader. Imagine, you are not stressed because you have the time to take care of your people such that they are able to take good care of the actual job, customers, colleagues, etc. How many of you reading this article, recognise this as your daily reality?

This article/ blog is for you who struggle with lack of time, maybe it is time for an internal check of what you spend your time on during the day.