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Our Courses

Well Organisation provides different courses for development purposes.

We spend a lot of our time at work, therefore the ideal scenario would be that we like coming to work and that we thrive in the working environment. Research has shown that a happy workforce fosters better performance. We offer courses that will boost the creativity at work, learn about wellbeing at what to do to increase wellbeing and how to build a strong team.


Our Most Popular Courses

NEW IN 2023: Weekend Retreat

Meeting Menopause

Are you at an age where you are going through menopause or are you feeling changes that could be related to menopause? We have created a ground-breaking retreat where we combine the struggles of menopause with positive psychology.

We will talk about how to manage menopause, ways to understand and accept oneself, how to help those around to understand by talking about the following elements:

  • Education on the following topics:
  • What is menopause?
  • Let’s talk about our strengths
  • Mental Flexibility
  • Self-compassion
  • Mindfulness

The goal of this retreat is to give you time to learn, accept and reflect on your menopause.

This workshop will run from Friday afternoon to Sunday.

This retreat is run by Sara Beattie and Jannie Stricker

Workshop on humour

Can we laugh at work?

Using humour at work might sound like a strange idea – but research actually suggest that using humour (correctly) may increase creativity, motivation, improved mental health, closer relationships and a better perceived leader performance.

Building a humour angle seems very important and building this is just like any other habit – being aware and take small, continuously steps. Keep working at it, learn from the situation and continue to build your humour angle. We believe that making laughter a habit and building your humour angle stats with the perspective we have on life. That perspective is build through a change of mindset, attitude and meaning in life.

The goal of the workshop is to learn about all the benefits that humour and laughter gives you.

The workshop is run by Silvia King and Jannie Stricker.

Workshop on Strengths

Focus on strengths

How often do we talk about our strengths? It turns out, we are not good at it. Normally we talk about weaknesses and what we can do to “FIX” the problem. “If only I have…. All my problems would be solved.

This workshop is offered for team in the workplace. We will take you on a journey where you discover your individual strengths but also the strengths of the team. You will learn how to leverage on this to your advantage.

This workshop is run by Jannie Stricker and/or Carmel Miller and/or Steve Thomas.

Wellbeing at lunch?

Try something new during lunch

This course is offered to workplaces and only in Luxembourg.

Do you want to try something new? Get your employees to laugh and be more creative? Then this might be for you.

Laughter yoga is a different option to wellbeing classes at work and the health benefits are: Reduction of stress, improvement of creativity, better mood, good for the immune system, building your resilience.

What is it: When we laugh for an extended period of time (10-15 minutes) we get the health benefits of laughter. Laughter yoga is the combination of deep breathing with laughter exercises. In laughter yoga, we belly laugh and we use deep breathing techniques to get the health benefits. When we laugh endorphins are released in our brain – these endorphins are the neurochemical that makes us feel good. Deep breathing helps our oxygen levels in the body, so we feel more aware (and creative). Each session ends with a meditation exercise.

How does it work: Lunchtime laughter yoga sessions run for 45 minutes – once or twice a week. Minimum 10 people /maximum 20 people per lunchtime session.

These classes are run by Jannie Stricker on-sight in Luxembourg

Our Mission

Well Organisation is a Positive Psychology Coaching and Consultancy focusing on wellbeing at work. We help leaders developing through evidence-based coaching practices. We help employees reaching theire goals. Our work includes 1:1 coaching where the focus is on gaining insight, finding motivation, getting to know own strengths and how to use them.<BR>

We believe that coaching is an opportunity for growth and learning about oneself, finding out what is important, and how to reach own goals and potential.

Core Values and purpose